Delivering Email

April 24, 2007

Sparklist has released their whitelist on email deliverability, i.e. how to get your email past spam checkers. Check it out here.

While you’re at it. Publish an SPF record for your domain, and check your email content for suspicious keywords here.

For those that are looking for a bit more meat on their whitepaper, have a look at 20 Ways Opt-in E-Mailers Can Outsmart Spam Filters which has actual points lost for each infraction by spamassassin.

A useful tip from that article “..SiteSell SpamCheck Report tests your message at no charge using SpamAssassin and sends you a report. Send your test e-mails to Be careful, however, that you put the word TEST as the first word in the subject — and make sure it is capitalized. Otherwise, the system will delete the mail, thinking it’s spam. Following the word TEST, add the subject line that would appear in the email normally…”

If you have a, or are the, resident geek – have a look at the actual spamassassin tests. Pretty mindboggling don’t you think.