How do you break through the information chaos that exists in the social media world? By releasing a social network press release. The idea behind this press release, is a naked form that is essentially a toolkit to allow others to create their own stories around it. A kind of list of facts and quotes unembellished by hype and opinion, that allows the end consumer to create their own message backed up by sanctioned facts and quotes. Different markets require information specifically tailored for them, the only way to create enough different stories is to allow the users and participants to create their own stories for their own blogs and to give them the tools to do that. Adoption through innovation for the marketing world, we supply the tools you create your own story. Or if you’re more of a Kathy Sierra person, giving your users the tools to kick ass.

The Geocommons Social Media Release case study
Social Media Newsroom Template
The GC release on Fortiusone