Data Junkie has posted a world map of social networks, showing the dominant social networks by country, according to Alexa.

I found it interesting that while US based bloggers and commentators, mostly seem to feel that facebook and myspace have the market all sewn up, other networks appear to be flourishing in areas where english may not be a first language – Orkut for example, has the Indian subcontinent enthralled. It is a pity there are no stats for China with its several million internet users, and the colors distinguishing between networks could use a wider pallet. Otherwise the map is a very interesting depiction of the fact that there are niches all over the world, and not all of it speaks english.

All of this left me wondering why I socialize on Virb? The answer isn’t as simple as I like the color scheme but I suspect it is because its still small, it looks really good and it caters to the type of people that I like to read about. In other words its a niche network.

UPDATE: Not really an update but Chip Griffin of Pardon the Interruption has written a free eBook entitled The New Media Cocktail which discusses the power of niches.

As someone noted, I also have a
LinkedIn account. It still counts as a niche network even though its fairly massive.

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