Web app without makeup: iterations of TeamSnap – personally I prefer paper prototyping, that way when everything is laid out on the table and the client says how do I get from point G to point H and there isn’t a viable way, you know you’ve made a mistake somewhere. The client also gets a feel for the flow. Each to their own though.

Human-to-Human Design – Normally a design function, but still relevant if you’re putting together software.

How to write a Google Gadget – an excellent introduction. There isn’t an online product that couldn’t use a Google Gadget (or a Facebook one for that matter)

htsh: http shell – kind of geeky, but I love it. An HTTP shell using PHP on the backend and jQuery for the front end.

Firebug for the iPhone – I kid you not. Essential if you’re going to be developing web apps for the iPhone.

Top Spots for Hip Sugar Mommas – and they say that technology hasn’t improved our quality of life!