March 29, 2007

DoGooderTV enables nonprofit organizations to present new videos and existing media assets to new audiences. They are currently running a competition for the best Video for Change, votes close April 5th. Have a look.

Some other cool videos

Robert Cray “Twenty” music video
Wage Peace, AFSC
I’m Sorry Darfur
Green Day + NRDC: Be Part of the Solution
AmericaSpeaks: Engaging Citizens in Governance
Breathe In, Breathe Out, Greenpeace
Irene’s Story, Heifer International
One Small Step: Ryan’s Story
Educate Girls, Change Their World, UNICEF
Just Children
i-ACT, Stop Genocide Now
Shining a Light on HIV, STOP AIDS Project
Endangered Sepcies, National Wildlife Federation
Whale Love Wagon Series, Greenpeace Japan