TechImpact Provider Survey Results

May 2, 2007

The results of the TechImpact technology service provider survey are in! In late 2006 TechImpact surveyed technology providers across the country in order to understand what technology assistance means for nonprofit capacity.

They set out to answer the following questions:

  • Who is providing technology assistance to nonprofit organizations? Who do they serve?
  • What services do providers offer? What approaches do they use to deliver technology assistance?
  • Where are technology providers located? Where are they delivering services?
  • When do providers employ evaluation strategies to understand the effect of their work?
  • How do providers implement strategies to foster key outcomes for organizations, and how do they successfully achieve those outcomes (e.g., improved efficiency and effectiveness)?
  • How do providers measure the success of their projects?

Its an interesting read. The feeling that I got from it is that what is missing in the field is a way for providers to evaluate their projects and a standard set of steps to evaluate readiness. This is something that we need to be working on.

Check out the complete report here.


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