March 29, 2007

DoGooderTV enables nonprofit organizations to present new videos and existing media assets to new audiences. They are currently running a competition for the best Video for Change, votes close April 5th. Have a look.

Some other cool videos

Robert Cray “Twenty” music video
Wage Peace, AFSC
I’m Sorry Darfur
Green Day + NRDC: Be Part of the Solution
AmericaSpeaks: Engaging Citizens in Governance
Breathe In, Breathe Out, Greenpeace
Irene’s Story, Heifer International
One Small Step: Ryan’s Story
Educate Girls, Change Their World, UNICEF
Just Children
i-ACT, Stop Genocide Now
Shining a Light on HIV, STOP AIDS Project
Endangered Sepcies, National Wildlife Federation
Whale Love Wagon Series, Greenpeace Japan


Not much time left to share in the $100,000 pie being offered to those with a tech-for-social-good.

The NetSquared Featured Projects is a global competition that is open to both nonprofit and private sector submissions. We seek nominations of projects that can demonstrate the following attributes (though we understand that different projects will have different emphases and strengths):

  • Use the power of community and social networks to create change
  • Use existing, or newly developed technology tools for social impact
  • Have a plausible financial model
  • Have a clear way to measure success
  • Exhibit extraordinary leadership, passion and resourcefulness
  • Exhibit a passion for social change

The submission deadline is Friday April 6th.

Mobile phones have become a powerful emerging tool for participation in civil society. The MobileActive series of Strategy Guides examines the effectiveness of nonprofits using mobile phones to build their constituent lists, influence political causes, and raise money. In the Guides they aggregate strategies, case studies, and lessons learned to encourage the adoption of mobile phones by nonprofits.

Check out: Download MobileActive Strategy Guide #3: Using Mobile Phones in Fundraising

Download more guides from here