October 12, 2006

Importability could have been the seventh law of the new software. The ability to import data from your competitors systems easily, in other, if you’re going to encourage users to move from a competitors system to yours, there must be an easy way for them to port their data across easily.

WordPress supports the following formats:

  • Old Blogger – Import posts, comments, and users from an Old Blogger blog
  • Blogware – Import posts from Blogware
  • DotClear – Import categories, users, posts, comments, and links from a DotClear blog
  • GreyMatter – Import users, posts, and comments from a Greymatter blog
  • LiveJournal – Import posts from a LiveJournal XML export file
  • Movable Type and TypePad – Import posts and comments from a Movable Type or Typepad blog
  • Textpattern – Import categories, users, posts, comments, and links from a Textpattern blog
  • RSS – Import posts from an RSS feed

RSS is the most interesting one here because there are a lot of applications out there that output rss, it would be the prefect medium to e.g. pull out a whole lot of HR data and once you have reconfigured a wordpress front-end you can easily have an easy HR front-end.