Givezilla (update: now Giveness)

February 20, 2006

Givezilla Giveness is a social network that allows users to create an Amazon storefront and donate 100% of profits to a nonprofit of choice. It really illustrates nicely two really important aspects of the web 2.0 world, the first is give control of your cause to your users, empower them to create their own channels with their own voice – in this case via allowing them to easily create an Amazon storefront.

Secondly it illustrates the value of a good API, without freeing up their interface and their data Amazon would no have customer built storefronts, by allowing users access to their database of products Amazon has created a legion of developers, activists and customer evangelists who are creating their own content and mashing up the Amazon data to suit their own purposes.

Social networks are the IT buzzword at the moment and at the core of their philosophy is the ability to easily govern and control your space and your voice. Giving up control is essential if you are going to take control of the wisdom of the crowd.


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